In order for everyone to enjoy their stay at The Folly, we kindly ask that you read and follow our park rules.

Placing your booking means you acknowledge and agree to the following:

 OFFICE HOURS: 9:00am to 5:00pm seven days a week.

 Please call 0488 39 29 19 if you require assistance.


Check In time is 12.00pm and Check Out time is 11.00am. Early check-in and late departure requests are subject to approval by management.

 SELF-CONTAINED CAMPING: Guests are respectfully asked to have a self-contained vehicle. A self-contained vehicle means you have everything you need to camp contained within your vehicle, for the duration of your stay. This includes your water supply, power supply and septic waste.  

A septic dump-point is provided on site.  

Tents accompanying a self-sufficient vehicle are permitted. If you are unsure, please contact us before booking.  

AMENITY BLOCK: The amenities are for registered guests and have limited water facilities, therefore are strictly for use in the event of a breakdown. The washing of pets is strictly prohibited. Bathing of infants or young children in the hand basin or showers is not permitted. We ask that children under the age of 8 years be supervised by a responsible adult if using the amenity facilities. Please be considerate of the next user and always leave the facilities in a clean and tidy condition after use.

GARBAGE: Place all garbage in the bins provided. Disposal of all septic waste is in the septic dump-point only. 




SITESPark your vehicles, caravan and/or trailer within the site boundaries, as per the parking guide. Entry and exit is through the sliding gate with the PIN provided. Sites must be kept clean and tidy at all times. No surplus equipment or property is to be left on the ground outside or under tents, caravans, annexes. Temporary clothes lines are not permitted. Guests are allowed to gather firewood from the ground only, chainsaws and the removal of or damaging trees and shrubs is prohibited. Upon departure, you must remove all rubbish and surplus materials and leave the site in a clean and tidy condition.

VEHICLES: Speed Limit is 10kph for all vehicles, including push bikes, and must be adhered to at all times. No unregistered vehicles or trailers are permitted in the park. No vehicles to be driven by unlicensed drivers. Vehicles and trailers must be parked in the designated areas and must not be parked on the roadways of the park. Pedestrians have right of way at all times. 

PETS (DEFINED AS DOGS AND CATS ONLY): Pets are permitted in the park and must remain on-lead at all times. Pet owners are responsible for picking up after their animal using a plastic bag and dispose of the tied bag in the bins provided throughout the park. We limit the number of pets per site to 2. You will be asked to remove your pet from the park if your pet becomes aggressive or causes a nuisance (constant barking is one) to other people, pets, livestock or wildlife. Pets are not permitted within the amenities area, or on furniture or carpeted areas in the Ironbark Hut. Pet owners must ensure they are aware of, and abide by this policy.  




EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY POINT AND EMERGENCY EXITS: The emergency assembly area and exits are displayed on the site noticeboard located at the amenities block, and shown on the park map. In case of an emergency an alarm will sound. Please make your way immediately to the assembly area and follow instruction from the park wardens.

BIKES, SCOOTERS, SKATEBOARDS ETCBicycles and scooters may be ridden within the park during daylight hours only. They are to be ridden in a manner that does not endanger, or is not likely to endanger, themselves, other property or any other persons. Helmets must be worn at all times. Park management reserve the right to confiscate any bike or scooter that is being used in a prohibited area, or they deem is being used in a manner considered dangerous or a nuisance.


Only contained gas BBQ’s and other contained gas cooking equipment may be used in the park for cooking. Open fires are permissible only in designated fire pits. Generators are not to be used in the park between 9PM and 7AM.

FISHINGAll fishing at The Folly is catch and release. Under no circumstances are guests to take fish from the river. 

DONKEYS: You are welcome to pat the donkeys if they approach you.  If you are feeding them, please only feed them carrots. Always approach from the front, never stand behind their back legs. 


SMOKING: Please observe all NO SMOKING notices. No Smoking in communal areas. Smoking is not permitted in the Ironbark Hut. Please dispose of all cigarette buts. Failure to observe these rules will result in you incurring a cleaning fee of $250.00.

NOISE / BEHAVIOUR: PARK QUIET TIME IS 9pm to 7am daily, excessive noise is not permitted during these hours – this includes use of generators. For the comfort of all patrons this must be strictly adhered to. Abusive language (including swearing), physical intimidation or assault will not be tolerated at any time and will result in your removal from the park. All musical instruments, radios, sound recorders and amplifier television receivers and the like shall be controlled so that the sound arising from it is reasonable and does not cause annoyance to other occupiers. 

  VISITORS: Visitors must call the office to register prior to entry into the park. Visitors are to park their vehicles in the visitor’s car park at the amenities block, or next to campsites and must not be blocking roadways. No visitors are permitted to stay overnight unless they have registered as guests and paid the appropriate charges either over the phone or online. Guests are responsible for the conduct of their visitors and must ensure that they are aware of, and abide by, the park rules. A group of visitors consisting of 6 or more people is classed as a ‘group event’. ‘Group events’ must have prior permission from management.